May 8, 2024

Met Gala 2024: The Most Impactful Moments on Social

Dreams Do Come True at the Met Gala. Join us to delve into the most talked-about looks that stole the hearts on social at the 2024 Met Gala!

The first Monday of May brought us another unforgettable fashion extravaganza - the Met Gala 2024! This year's theme, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” inspired a spectacular display of creativity on the red carpet. From floral fantasies to futuristic interpretations, celebrities embraced the challenge with dazzling results. But with every Met Gala comes the social media storm, where fans become judges. So, which looks truly blossomed online? Join us as we delve into the most talked-about red-carpet moments that stole the hearts of the internet at the 2024 Met Gala!

Discover the Most Visible Brands at the Met Gala 2024

1.  Maison Margiela $34.8M

2.  Balmain $25.8M

3.  Tommy Hilfiger $22.2M

4.  Loewe $19.1M

5.  Givenchy $18.3M

6.  Maison Alaia $15.6M

7.  Oscar de la Renta $15.3M

8.  Thom Browne $11.6M

9.  Marc Jacobs $11.3M

10.  Alexander McQueen $11M

11.  Cartier $10.6M

12.  Sabyasachi $8.7M

13.  Schiaparelli $8.51M

14.  Diesel $7.39M

15.  Tom Ford $6.72M

16.  Miu Miu $6.69M

Discover the Top Attendees at the Met Gala 2024

  1. @arianagrande: $20.5M EMV
  2. @kendalljenner: $11.6M EMV
  3. @yong.lixx: $10.4M EMV
  4. @aliaabhatt: $7.7M EMV
  5. @kimkardashian: $5.7M EMV
  6. @sabrinacarpenter: $5.5M EMV
  7. @kyliejenner: $5.3M EMV
  8. @gigihadid: $4.7M EMV
  9. @madelyncline: $4.7M EMV
  10. @sydney_sweeney: $4.4M EMV
  11. @jlo: $3.7M EMV
  12. @dualipa: $3.5M EMV
  13. @lewishamilton: $2.7M EMV
  14. @jennierubyjane: $2.4M EMV
  15. @shakira: $2.3M EMV
  16. @realstraykids: $2.2M EMV
  17. @laufey: $1.8M EMV
  18. @lenamhafouf: $1.8M EMV
  19. @chrishemsworth: $1.7M EMV
  20. @iamcardib: $1.6M EMV
  21. @camila_cabello: $1.5M EMV
  22. @dojacat: $1.5M EMV
  23. @rosalia.vt: $1.5M EMV
  24. @cynthiaerivo: $1.4M EMV
  25. @teddysphotos: $1.3M EMV
  26. @tyla: $1.2M EMV
  27. @nickiminaj: $1.1M EMV
  28. @emmachamberlain: $1.1M EMV
  29. @nicholasgalitzine: $1M EMV
  30. @lilyjamesofficial: $954K EMV
  31. @teyanataylor: $870K EMV
  32. @phoebedynevor: $855K EMV
  33. @sarahjessicaparker: $731K EMV
  34. @keke: $707K EMV
  35. @troyesivan: $688K EMV
  36. @lala: $644K EMV
  37. @brunamarquezine: $641K EMV
  38. @emrata: $624K EMV

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Lefty Methodology

The influencer ranking study is based on the analysis of 198 attendees at Met Gala 2024 who have tagged a participating brand’s Instagram account post. ( Posts, Videos, Carousels, and Stories).

The brand ranking study is based on the analysis of 651 influencers, including the 198 attendees, influencers presented in this study have been identified thanks to Lefty’s proprietary algorithms, which identify and attribute content to a brand based on @ mentions.

If an influencer does not directly mention a brand using a specific hashtag (ex. #metgala) or by tagging the brand’s account in-caption or in-post (ex. @brandofficial), Lefty will not be able to retrieve the post and will not count it towards the brand’s total performance.

The brand ranking study only analyses Instagram in-feed posts (Posts, Videos, Carousels) and does not look at Instagram stories. Collaborative posts between accounts are only attributed to the account that initiated the collaboration.

Lefty defines Earned Media Value (EMV) as the equivalent ad spend of the impressions gained. The EMV is calculated by estimating the number of impressions of each publication and associating a CPM of $100, equivalent to $1 per engagement. The formula used is


Please note these rankings are dynamic and may change as Kols shares new content or existing content receives more engagement.

Influencer Ranking Tracking Date: May 6th to 8th, 2024, and data was retrieved from the Lefty platform on May 8th,2024.

Brand Ranking Tracking Date: May 6th to 9th, 2024, and data was retrieved from the Lefty platform on May 15th,2024.

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