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The effortless influencer marketing platform for leading lifestyle brands

Identify the Right Influencers

Discover influencers from our extensive database of qualified profiles. Use smart filters to find the perfect match, including if they already mention your brand or have an audience fitting the right demographics. Qualify them with in-depth historical statistics and audience-quality data.

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Influencer Relations Management

Keep all your relationships in one place. Measure their individual or consolidated ROI. Build custom reports to segment your community and identify the best candidates for your next campaign. Onboard influencers with ease with customizable landing pages.

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Campaign Management & Reporting

Create campaigns in a few clicks. Add the influencers you want to activate, whether uploaded directly from your influencer CRM or chosen collaboratively with your team. Automatically capture influencer content, track their sales, and record their performance in your activations – all downloadable into beautiful presentations.

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Social Commerce

Tap into Lefty's affiliation feature and take your e-commerce to the next level. Seamlessly connect your e-commerce site with Lefty, send products to influencers on-demand, establish robust affiliate programs enhanced by commission management services plus automated reporting on conversion rates, click rates, and overall sales.

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And many other features

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Collaborative Influencer Casting

Create public lists to vet influencers with the collaboration of members from your organization or external collaborators.

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Influencer Payment

Pay influencers in-platform via a wide range of supported payment methods. Generate invoices and reports.

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Competitive Benchmarking

Plan your strategy with deep market data - no more guesswork on how and where to deploy your budget. Know your share of voice among your influencer community. Reverse-engineer your competitors' strategy by accessing their community of influencers and activations.

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Organization Dashboard

With the organization dashboard, global and multi-tiered organizations can leverage real-time insights to identify growth opportunities and accelerate success. Its advanced analytics provide a comprehensive understanding of the performance of the company across your multiple business units with key proprietary indicators that empower decision-makers to drive future growth strategies.

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