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Turn your affiliate program into a well-oiled machine

Lefty helps you manage your affiliate program from start to finish with automated reporting on each conversion and the campaign’s overall performance.

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Sleep easy, knowing that every conversion is being tracked

Create automated affiliation programs that track all influencer conversions and product sales.

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Get your affiliate program up and running quickly without any fuss

Generate unique, trackable links and promo codes that are quick and easy to integrate into your e-commerce platform for affiliates to share.

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Track performance down to individual conversion, influencer, link and more

View and filter your affiliate program's performances at any leveland detect your top-performing affiliates and best-selling products.

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Pinpoint areas that need improvement and make changes at any stage

Get a consolidated report on your affiliation program with live reporting on major KPIs, clicks, conversions, and more to track your program's performance.

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