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All-in-One Influencer Marketing Platform for eCommerce

Fuel brand awareness and drive sales 
with strategic influencer marketing.

Getting started
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One-Click eCommerce Integration to Start Gifting

Generate unique, trackable links and promo codes that are quick and easy to integrate into your eCommerce platform for affiliates to share.

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Recruit the Right Influencer

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Recruitment Pages

Craft customizable landing pages to showcase your brand and campaign details for influencers to apply. 

Extensive Influencer Database

Leverage our robust 30-million influencer database to find the ideal influencer.

Advanced Filtering

Identify the right influencer with advanced
filters for demographics, engagement, 
and brand mentions across global social networks.

Product Seeding

Streamline Influencer Gifting

Inventory Management

Effortlessly choose the products you want to send and their available quantities.

Influencer Product Request

Let influencers choose the products they want to receive.

Automated Order Fulfillment

Orders are automatically created within Lefty and synced with your online store, ensuring smooth fulfillment by your warehouse.

Track Your Affiliates, Content, Conversions, and Earn More

Track affiliates

Effortless Program Creation

Build your affiliate program with Lefty's trackable links and promo codes.

Influencer Incentives

Lefty makes it easy to create a commission structure that motivates influencers to passionately promote your products.

Sales Tracking

Gain valuable insights with live reporting 
 on clicks, conversions, and average conversion time per influencer.

Pay Influencer

Take the Pain
Out of Paying Influencers

Focus on Marketing, Not Accounting

Lefty streamlines influencer compensation, letting you focus on building relationships.

Flexible Payouts

Choose from various currency options
 and payment methods to suit your influencers' needs.

Track All Spend

Track your past and upcoming payments
 for all the influencers you partner with.

Measure ROI and Refine Your Strategy

Measure ROI

24/7 ROI Reporting

Gain real-time insights into your influencer marketing by campaigns' ROI.

Identify Top Performers

Discover which influencers and content resonate most with your audience to maximize value.

Refine Your Strategy

Leverage insights to continuously improve your influencer marketing efforts to drive maximum value for your business.

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