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Access an extensive database of influencer profiles: Lefty tracks and indexes over 30 million high-quality creators with public accounts across all major social networks.

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We cover all main social networks including major Chinese ones


A constantly refreshed database of influencer profiles

Lefty's database is refreshed at least once a month, and enriched via proprietary algorithms that detect new accounts. This process ensures the platform captures emerging accounts, removes deleted or inactive profiles, and refreshes influencers' data.

Easily find relevant matches with smart filters

We make it easy to identify relevant influencers and reach your target audience. Use our database with various smart filters like keywords, audience and influencer characteristics, and influencer KPIs to find the perfect match.

Qualify influencers with audience and performance metrics

Lefty helps you qualify influencers to ensure you’re hitting your target audience, with insights on each profile like audience quality, audience interests, audience demographics, performance in past campaigns, content from past campaigns, and much more.

Estimate influencers' fees

The Influencer Fee Estimator tool is included on each influencer's profile, helping you evaluate influencers' costs before starting any collaboration and ensuring that the resulting ROI is likely positive.

Find influencers with similar profiles and audiences

Once you find an influencer that's the right fit, Lefty's AI will recommend profiles with similar interests, topics, and audience demographics.

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