Campaign Management

Customized campaigns with automated tracking and reporting

Create custom campaigns with automated campaign monitoring and reporting to track long-term activations, ad-hoc activations, and all of its associated content.

Collect all influencer publications and their metrics

All influencer content is automatically retrieved in full form across all covered social networks, this includes essential metrics such as likes, comments, timestamps, impressions, views or reach.,

Filter, rank, and download publications

Users can rank and filter all their influencer publications. These ranks and filters include recency, EMV, engagement rates, influencers, and more - giving instant insight into the most impactful content.

Measure the impact of your campaign down to sales

Campaign reporting consolidates all of the metrics generated by the publications in the campaign, giving you instant insight into top-line KPIs, ROI calculations, a timeline of impact, the performance of individual influencers, social networks, and much more.

Download reports in beautiful presentation formats

Users can download all publications with one click and get consolidated reports with the prefered format (PowerPoint, Excel, CSV).

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