Jun 25, 2024

Rising Stars: The Top 15 Kid Influencers of 2024 That You Need to Know

Explore the significance of kid influencers in today's marketing environment, find out the top 15 kid influencers on social media in 2024, and dive into strategies on how to collaborate with them effectively.

children with a camera.

Rising Stars: The Top 15 Kid Influencers of 2024 That You Need to Know

Introduction to Kid Influencers and Why They Matter in 2024

Kid influencers are shaking up the digital world, and their influence is only growing. In 2024, these young stars will transcend their cute personas to set trends, shape opinions, and drive consumer behavior across multiple platforms. Social media and marketing managers, influencer marketers, and children's brands need to acknowledge the clout of these young creators if they want to optimize their advertising strategies and remain competitive. In this blog, we'll explore the significance of kid influencers in today's marketing environment, introduce you to the top 15 young influencers of 2024, and provide insights on how to collaborate with them effectively. We will also address ethical considerations when working with younger content creators and forecast future trends.

Defining Kid Influencers: Who Are They?

Kid influencers are children, typically under 16, who have amassed a large following on social media platforms. These young content creators share their experiences, hobbies, and talents with an engaged audience, often consisting of other children, parents, and families. Their influence extends across various niches, including toys, fashion, gaming, education, and lifestyle.

What sets these young influencers apart is their authenticity and relatability. Their genuine content resonates with their peers, making them powerful brand advocates. With the rise of platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, these young social media personalities have become critical players in marketing strategies.

Understanding who these content creators are and how they operate is the first step in leveraging their potential for your brand. Carefully analyzing an influencer’s content and audience engagement is essential to finding influencers who align with your values.

A child and his parents with a camera.

Top 15 Kid Influencers of 2024 Profiles and Insights

Here are the top 15 kid influencers of 2024 making waves in the digital space. Each of these young social media personalities brings something unique, helping you discover and get inspired about your next marketing partner.

1. Ryan Kaji – @ryansworld (Instagram, YouTube)

Ryan Kanji, known as Ryan from Ryan's World, has taken YouTube by storm with his toy unboxing videos. Ryan's World attracts millions of viewers weekly and ranks as the 10th most subscribed channel in the U.S. Major brands like Target and Walmart have eagerly collaborated with his channel.

2. Anastasia Radzinskaya – @likenastya (Instagram, YouTube)

Nastya's content encompasses children's songs, educational entertainment, unboxings, vlogs, and roleplays. In 2019, Forbes reported that she became the third highest-paid YouTuber globally, with an estimated annual income of $18 million. Nastya’s success underscores the substantial influence kid influencers can wield.

3. Everleigh Rose – @everleigh (Instagram, YouTube)

Everleigh Rose rose to fame on Instagram in 2013 by sharing pictures of her and her friends' fashionable outfits. The posts rapidly went viral, attracting attention from high-profile publications like Elle and Vogue. In 2016, she launched her self-titled YouTube channel, featuring her dance routines, vlogs, and toy unboxings. Both her Instagram and YouTube accounts have since amassed millions of followers.

4. Ava and Alexis McClure – @mccluretwins (Instagram, YouTube)

The McClure sisters, identical twins, launched their YouTube channel in 2017 with their viral debut video, "Twins Realize They Look the Same." They also appear on their family channel, "The Mighty McClures." Since gaining prominence, the twins have collaborated with notable brands such as Levi Strauss, Converse, and Nike.

5. Mila and Emma Stauffer – @kcstauffer (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube)

Mila and Emma Stauffer are pioneers among kid influencers. They rose to fame at just two years old when their videos went viral on Instagram. Known for their sassy comments and impeccable style, they quickly garnered over 12 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Their popularity has also earned them features in numerous magazines, including a full-page spread in Vogue.

6. Claire Crosby – @clairecrosby (Instagram, YouTube)

Claire Crosby stars on her family's YouTube channel, "The Crosby's," where she sings Disney songs accompanied by her guitar-playing father. With over 4.4 million subscribers, the channel captivates viewers with its heartwarming family videos.

7. Ethan Gamer – @ethangamer (Instagram, YouTube)

Ethan's gaming channel is a hit among young gamers looking for entertainment and tips. His channel focuses mainly on Minecraft play-throughs and Roblox – a popular game among children.

8. Kids Diana Show – @kidsdianashow (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube)

Diana is a Ukrainian YouTuber who stars on her family's channel, "Kids Diana Show." With over 80 million subscribers and counting, this channel features videos of Diana playing with toys and going on adventures with her parents and younger brother. The channel also showcases fun educational content for kids. Their success has also led to the launch of a line of branded merchandise available worldwide.

9. Txunamy Ortiz – @txunamy (Instagram, YouTube)

Txunamy's fashion and lifestyle content resonates with young fashionistas. This 12-year-old influencer has over five million followers on Instagram and YouTube combined. She often collaborates with her sister, sister's friends, and mother to create fun content for her audience.

10. The Ohana Adventure – @theohanaadventure (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube)

The Ohanas, a family of eight from Hawaii, share their exciting adventures and daily lives on their favored social media channels. This channel provides something everyone can enjoy, with a mix of family and travel vlogs, challenge videos, and DIY projects. It also has a strong message of positivity and family bonding, making it a favorite among viewers.

11. Toys and Colors – @toysandcolors (YouTube)

The Toys and Colors channel features diverse friends engaging in toy-centric activities. From pretend play and storytelling to educational lessons and toy reviews, the channel delivers a wide range of content that entertains and educates young viewers.

12. CookieSwirlC – @cookieswirlc (YouTube)

CookieSwirlC's channel is a haven for toy lovers of all ages. Known for her bubbly personality, she reviews and unboxes various toys, including Shopkins, LOL Surprise, and My Little Pony. Her engaging and cheerful videos make her a beloved figure in the children's entertainment space.

13. Vlad and Niki – @vladandniki (Instagram, YouTube)

Brothers Vlad and Niki’s channel is known for its energetic and entertaining content, including pretend play, challenges, and educational videos. The brothers’ adventures are enhanced with creative animation and special effects, keeping their young audience thoroughly entertained.

14. The Wild Adventure Girls – @thewildadventuregirls (Instagram, YouTube)

The Wild Adventure Girls, also known as Angelina, Annabella, and Scarlett, are a trio of sisters who share their love for science and exploration through fun videos. Their channel features exciting experiments, educational facts about animals and nature, and DIY projects encouraging young girls to be curious and adventurous.

15. Tic Tac Toy – @tictactoyfamily (Instagram, YouTube)

The dynamic duo of Lucy and Addy from the YouTube channel Tic Tac Toy creates entertaining content that features imaginative toy unboxings, challenges, and DIY projects. The sisters’ high-energy personalities and love for toys make their channel a hit among kids.

How to Partner With Kid Influencers Best Practices

Partnering with kid influencers requires careful planning and execution. Establishing a genuine relationship with a young content creator who truly resonates with your brand can lead to more authentic and effective promotions. Additionally, by working closely with kid influencers and their guardians, you can ensure that the content aligns with your brand's values while allowing influencers the creative freedom they need to produce relatable and impactful content. 

This balanced approach not only supports the influencers but also enhances the overall effectiveness of your marketing strategy. The following best practices will help you find influencers, ensuring a successful collaboration that drives engagement and achieves your marketing goals.

Do Your Research

Before reaching out, thoroughly analyze influencers' platforms to understand their content, audience, and values. Review their past collaborations and engagement rates to gauge their impact and authenticity. Influencer marketing platforms like Lefty can help track influencers, ensuring that a social media personality's audience and KPIs match your desired outcome. Doing this research also helps to confirm that the content creator aligns with your brand's image, goals, and target market. 

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Set Clear Expectations

When collaborating with influencers, clearly outline the campaign objectives, deliverables, and timelines to ensure everyone is on the same page. Provide detailed guidelines on the types and frequency of posts expected and any specific messaging or hashtags that should be included. Also, confirm the payment terms and any potential bonuses or incentives for exceptional performance. The influencer's parents or guardians must agree to the content type, posting schedule, and compensation to avoid legal issues and misunderstandings. 

Prioritize Authenticity

Authenticity is critical to successful influencer marketing. Genuine content resonates with audiences, fostering a deeper connection and building trust over time. Allow the child influencer to create natural and genuine content reflecting their true personality and interests. Followers can quickly tell when content is forced or inauthentic, negatively impacting the content creator and the brand they represent.

Ethical Considerations When Working With Child Influencers

Working with kid influencers presents unique ethical considerations. Prioritizing the well-being and safety of young content creators is essential for a productive campaign.

Ensure Parental Involvement

Always involve parents or guardians in all communications and decisions regarding the marketing plan. Regular updates and transparent dialogue can promote trust and collaboration, making the campaign more prosperous and inclusive. Obtain necessary permissions and ensure parents or guardians are fully aware of the campaign details, including its objectives, activities, and potential impacts on their children. 

Follow Legal Guidelines

Adhere to legal guidelines and regulations concerning child labor, advertising, and privacy. Ensure no child labor is involved in production processes, all advertising practices are ethical and transparent, and privacy protections are rigorously upheld. Additionally, all content must comply with platform policies and national and international legal requirements, creating a safe and responsible environment. Following the legal guidelines specific to the country where your campaign operates is crucial, as regulations can differ significantly across regions. For instance, U.S. and EU laws vary greatly regarding protections and privacy for kid influencers.

A parent with his child looking at a smartphone.

Respect Boundaries

Respect the child's comfort level and avoid pressuring them to create content—their well-being should always come first. It's important to remember that children have different boundaries and comfort zones, and pushing them beyond these limits can have negative consequences on their mental and emotional health. You can build a positive and respectful relationship with kid influencers and their families by prioritizing ethical considerations. This approach ensures that the child's interests are safeguarded and their participation in content creation is a joyful and stress-free experience. Establishing credibility and understanding with the child and their guardians cultivates a supportive environment where creativity can naturally thrive.

The Future of Kid Influencers: Trends and Predictions

Enhanced Emphasis on Education

In today's digital age, parents and educators seek materials seamlessly combining entertainment and learning, and educational content is gaining popularity. This trend is exemplified by top creators like YouTuber Ms. Rachel, who specializes in children's content. According to Lefty data, Ms. Rachel's educational videos for toddlers average around 50.5 million impressions each, and leveraging creators focused on educational content for children can significantly boost a brand's visibility and trust.  Additionally, the success of creators like Ms. Rachel underscores influencers' importance in producing engaging, informative content that captivates young learners while delivering valuable educational benefits.

Expansion of Family-Friendly Content

With the rising demand for wholesome and relatable content, there's an increasing shift toward family-friendly influencers collaborating on various platforms. Families showcasing their daily lives, fun activities, and educational adventures are gaining traction, especially on video-forward platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Brands value partnering with these family units as they represent authenticity and reliability and resonate with diverse audiences. Analyzing influencers in this space can help your brand find content creators that align with your values and share your goals.

Parents dancing with their child.

Innovations in Technology and Digital Platforms

The rapid advancement of technology is reshaping how we consume content. Technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive videos offer immersive experiences that captivate young viewers. As kid-friendly technology evolves, creators will utilize these tools to enhance production quality and broaden their reach. Digital platforms now feature innovations like live streaming, shoppable posts, filters designed to boost user engagement, and influencer tracking tools that can help you monitor the impact of these technologies on your campaigns. Notably, live streaming has seen a significant rise in viewership among children in recent years. According to a 2023 study by Ofcom, 58% of 4-15 year-olds watch live-streamed content on social media platforms.

Diverse Representation and Inclusivity

Parents and young audiences are increasingly drawn to content that mirrors their realities and experiences. Fortunately, the future holds a promising pathway toward more inclusive content representing diverse cultures, abilities, and backgrounds.  Moreover, social media personalities who embrace and promote diversity can build stronger connections and nurture more equitable online communities. 

By staying attuned to these evolving trends and predictions, brands can strategically navigate the contemporary influencer marketing landscape. Utilize influencer tracking metrics to ensure that the content creators you partner with align with your brand’s focus on diversity and inclusivity. You can develop meaningful content and impactful connections with your followers by collaborating with kid influencers who appeal to your target audience or specific regional demographics.

Child influencer.


Kid influencers are transforming the marketing landscape with authenticity, creativity, and relatability. Young content creators reach millions of followers daily, and harnessing the power of these popular personalities is crucial for social media and marketing managers, influencer marketers, and children's brands to boost engagement and meet business objectives. By understanding the impact of child influencers and the ethical ways to collaborate with them, you can tap into their potential, stay ahead of the trends, and keep your brand competitive.

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