Jun 17, 2024

All About the 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival

The 77th annual Cannes Film Festival showcased a diverse lineup of international films and drew prestigious brands and fashion icons alike, blending haute couture with cinema. This year’s festival emphasized the growing importance of brand activations, significantly boosting online visibility and generating millions in Earned Media Value.

Highlights of the 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival


The 77th annual Cannes Film Festival showcased a diverse array of highly anticipated new international films. Famed directors, actors, and writers graced the renowned Promenade de la Croisette for this nearly two-week spectacle. Yet, the festival's global allure is witnessing beloved celebrities strut down the red carpet.

More than just A-list glamour, Cannes captivates hearts as a prestigious arena for luxury brands to unveil their latest collections before an elite audience. The French Riviera was abuzz with fashion icons intertwining film with haute couture, creating unforgettable style moments. This year, they continued the legacy of Cannes as a premier stage for top-tier merchandise.

Evolving into a luxury mecca, Cannes attracts elite jewelry and fashion brands like Chopard, Bulgari, Chanel, and Dior. While films take center stage, brand activations, and star-studded events have become equally significant. Celebrities representing renowned brands add
to the festival's allure. The fusion of cinema, VIPs, and luxury brands forms a dazzling combination that garners substantial online visibility and millions in Earned Media Value (EMV).

The Industries Dominating Cannes

During the Cannes Film Festival, Instagram posts tagged with jewelry brands gained 89% in Share of Voice, the highest among all categories. Posts tagged with fashion, beauty, and food and beverage brands followed in both visibility and number. This indicates jewelry's popularity and high engagement with online audiences.

Cannes Film Festival EMV stats.


Top fashion brands at Cannes ranked by EMV.
Top Fashion influencers at Cannes.

Fashion Makes Moves in the Film Industry

The Cannes Film Festival has become a playground for fashion brands, which can flaunt their most extravagant couture gowns through actors and celebrities. The fashion category's 50% share of the festival's overall Share of Voice illustrates how key it is in driving the conversation around the event.

Saint Laurent Takes the EMV Crown

Leading the charge this year was Saint Laurent, which generated a total of $14M in EMV on IG, 2.7 times more than the #2 brand, Dior. Selena Gomez played a significant role, contributing $7.8M, or 56% of the brand's overall EMV, alongside Bella Hadid, who made her red carpet comeback in a viral naked dress.

Selena Gomez in 'Emilia Perez': A YSL Hit

The film Selena Gomez starred in, “Emilia Perez,” was produced by Saint Laurent Productions, the film division of the Kering Group, and achieved critical acclaim, winning both the Jury Prize and the Best Actress Award. This success proves YSL’s film strategy worked by dressing celebrities and becoming an active contributor to the industry.

Dior's Success

Dior's top influencers, Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicole Wallace, significantly impacted the brand's awareness. These partnerships generated a total EMV of $3M, representing 58.2% of Dior's total EMV.

Buzz Off the Red Carpet

Anya Taylor-Joy's Cannes airport look for Atlein drove 98% ($1.2M) of the brand's EMV, propelling Atlein to #16 among all brands and showcasing its ability to engage beyond the red carpet.

The Rising Star Opportunity

Fashion’s reach extends beyond established names. Balenciaga dressed British-Thai
star Rebecca Patricia Armstrong (above), earning $4.7M in EMV, which accounts for 75% of Balenciaga’s total, with a 36.8% engagement rate. Thai actress Freen generated $3.6M in EMV for Ferragamo and Chopard, with a 34.9% engagement rate. Partnering with rising talent resonating with specific demographics has significant potential.

Bella Hadid's Superstar Effect

Bella Hadid at Cannes Film Festival.

Bella Hadid's presence at the Cannes Film Festival has been impactful since 2017, driving media attention and brand value. Our 2022 report shows her runway appearances contribute an average of 29% to a brand's EMV. Her style and activism resonate with Gen Z and Millennials, boosting her online influence.

Three key factors drive her impact at Cannes:

  1. Instagram: Posts to her 61M followers generate 77% of her Cannes EMV.
  2. Brand Collaborations: Partnerships with luxury brands, as seen in 2017, generated $17.9M in EMV.
  3. Red-Carpet Looks: Memorable outfits like her Schiaparelli dress drive high engagement.
Bella Hadid's top brand collaborations at Cannes.
Bella Hadid's EMV at Cannes for each attended year.


Top Jewelry brands ranked by visibility.
Top jewelry influencers by EMV.

Decoding the TikTok Opportunities for Jewelry Brands at Cannes

Jewelry Dazzles on TikTok – Star-Studded Events and Media Buzz

As the Official Partner of the Festival de Cannes, it is no surprise that TikTok and its creators saw a more significant presence this year. Interestingly, jewelry became the second most visible industry on the app, following beauty. Embracing its unique personalities, brands like Chopard provided jewelry pairings to celebrities such as German dancer Noel Robinson (right picture), who landed in the top 8 KOLs. APM Monaco, which saw half of its EMV come from TikTok, shone by showcasing exclusive glimpses into their Cannes soirée with Gen Z-favourite celebrities like Charles Leclerc and Dixie d'Amelio.

Total Jewelry EMV on TikTok.

Most EMV generated by jewelry brands on TikTok stems from media accounts such as @galafr, whose meteoric rise on TikTok over Instagram can be attributed to its insider perspective and star-studded event interviews. Collaborations with seasoned TikTok influencers significantly enhance the visibility of jewelry brands on this platform. While the beauty segment traditionally rules TikTok, the luxury jewelry sector now stands in a promising position to capitalize on this burgeoning platform.

Top jewelry influencers on TikTok.


Top beauty brands at Cannes Film Festival
Top Beauty influencers at Cannes

Kilian Paris: The Cannes Game Changer in Luxury Fragrance

Kilian Paris made a notable impact at Cannes by leveraging influencers and celebrities to introduce their latest fragrance, ‘Sun Kissed Goddess.’ The campaign began with these high-profile figures receiving and wearing Kilian Paris fragrances during their red-carpet appearances. Kilian Paris also highlighted the different fragrances worn by stars, enhancing their products’ visibility on the red carpet.

Kilian Paris Cannes event.

An exclusive ‘Sun Kissed Goddess’ party was held, showcasing Kilian Paris’ innovative approach to promoting the brand and unveiling the new fragrance to celebrities and influencers. Kilian Paris distinguished itself as the only pure fragrance brand to partner with celebrities and host a dedicated brand activation at Cannes, setting a new and exciting precedent in the fragrance industry.

The success of these activations was evident, with Kilian Paris generating $4.1M in EMV and achieving visibility that surpassed all fashion brand activations at the festival, including Dior.

Kilian Paris activation KPIs.
Top influencers at Kilian Paris Cannes event.

Food & Beverage

Top food and beverage brands at Cannes.
Top food & beverage influencers at Cannes.

Brand Activations

Key KPIs of Cannes activations.

Branded Beach Clubs: Red-Carpet Luxury Meets Coastal Leisure

Branded pop-up beach clubs became standout attractions at Cannes, embraced by Nespresso, Magnum, and fashion house Miu Miu, which hosted a star-studded day party. These clubs are transforming Cannes events by offering a daytime escape from red-carpet glamour. They generated significant social media buzz, accounting for 13% of the total EMV from brand activations.

amfAR Shines: Cannes Charity Event Steals the Spotlight

The amfAR gala at the Cannes Film Festival stole the spotlight with $18.9M in EMV. This star-studded event drew top celebrities, over half of whom have more than a million followers each. The glamorous red-carpet looks, akin to luxury fashion and jewelry, captivated online audiences, helping charity events like amfAR dominate social media and highlight their causes.

Brands Pop Post-Red Carpet with Exclusive Parties

Traditionally, Cannes brand activations feature celebrity collaborations and after-parties. This year, after-parties contributed nearly half of the $57.8M in EMV from brand activations. The success stems from high-profile celebrities and influencers creating quality content and organic exposure. These events offer stars a break from red carpets and press. After-parties, which have been fixtures at Cannes for years, will likely remain prominent in future festivals.

Campari x Cannes activaiton.

Top Influencers of Cannes

Top Influencers at Cannes on Instagram.
Top Influencers at Cannes on TikTok.
Brands covered in analysis.

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