Mar 22, 2024

Who Loves Lefty

Lefty allows our team to successfully and efficiently run campaigns and access reports in an instant. This makes our influencer selection process for future campaigns and projects much more effective which in-turn drives better results.Taeja CLARIN Untied Kingdom
A great tool to track influencer content on multi-social platforms. A time saver for organizing content and reports. A data-driven machine that helps brands track each campaign.Hedi BYREDO China
My essentials for influencer marketing: phone, laptop, daily newsletter, banging playlist, and Lefty.Bruno LANVIN FRANCE
Lefty is fun and easy to use, and the teams are always available and responsive to help us if we need it. Clearly, we can't do without it internally!Fanny OH MY CREAM France
Thank you. This is by far the most interesting report I’ve seen in a while.Conrad Thierry, Head of PR & Communications Bottega Veneta
Arnaud Vaillant,  Founder of Coperni
We enjoy reading it a lot!! We also did a summary of the entire report to the team to underline the guidelines given by Lefty.Ruei Hsu, Head of Social Media Valentino
THANK YOU TO YOUAlexandre Mattiussi, Founder of AMI Paris
Nicolas Girotto, CEO of Bally

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