The Influence of Sports

Sport is undeniably at the height of the cultural zeitgeist. This summer's events, from Wimbledon to the Women's World Cup, have shattered viewership records, consequently boosting Sports EMV (Earned Media Value) by an average of 35% YoY.

However, the impact of sport has expanded beyond ticket sales and broadcast figures. Social media has played a significant role in reaching a wider audience, leading to flourishing partnerships as brands seek to tap into the extensive influence of sports and engage with consumers in new ways. Athletes and sports clubs are also embracing the creative world, participating in high-profile events, and employing innovative strategies like influencer partnerships and merchandise opportunities. Authenticity and community are key factors that contribute to athletes' success as influencers, making them among the most influential figures worldwide.

In this report, Lefty and Karla Otto unlock how they can help your brand stay on top of the change, showcase key market opportunities, and lead influencer case studies shaping the sports and luxury marketing space, backed by proprietary data and creative intelligence.

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