Apr 23, 2024

Sephora: Influencer Marketing Case Study

See how Lefty helped Sephora Collection achieve a +1013% ROI on TikTok with micro and macro influencers.

Sephora utilizes the influencer marketing platform Lefty to orchestrate impactful global influencer marketing campaigns with several partners across the world, and various international markets.Eva Veran, Digital Influence Project Manager, Sephora Collection

Content Table

  • Sephora Collection’s Beginnings to a Force in the Global Market
  • Overcoming Global Influencer Marketing Campaign Hurdles 
  • Optimizing for Influence: Sephora Collection's Strategic Goals with Lefty
  • Streamlining Campaign Management with Precise Analytics
  • Sephora Collection’s Strategic Implementation of Lefty’s Features
  • Achieving Increased Visibility and ROI with Lefty's Advanced Analytics
  • Sephora Collection's Global Influencer Marketing Success: Precise Tracking
    and Seamless Automation

Sephora Collection’s Beginnings to a Force in the Global Market

Since its founding in 1969, Sephora has been at the forefront of beauty retailers. It's known for its prestige products and is considered a diversity leader in the beauty industry. Sephora has nearly 340 brands, and its private label, Sephora Collection, spans beauty, skincare,
and hair care.

Sephora Collection exercises meticulous control over every aspect, from product presentation and in-store displays to communication strategies and influencer marketing.

The brand has always quickly adapted to the changing landscape of influencer marketing, recognizing its significant impact on market share. This proactive approach is a testament to Sephora Collection's commitment to staying ahead in the online and offline beauty industry.

Overcoming Global Influencer Marketing Campaign Hurdles 

Sephora Collection faced several challenges while managing a global influencer campaign. One of the main obstacles was catering to diverse market needs, which made standardization complex because different regions required customized approaches. Monitoring organic engagement was more complicated than paid campaigns, leading to difficulty in tracking it and identifying qualified influencers. Lastly, identifying and managing relationships with influencers worldwide was time-consuming and demanded significant resources.

Optimizing for Influence: Sephora Collection's Strategic Goals
with Lefty

SEPHORA Collection sought to achieve the following through its partnership with the leading influencer marketing platform Lefty:

  1. Global Influencer Marketing Campaign Management: Launch and manage worldwide influencer campaigns efficiently.
  2. KPI Tracking: Monitor key performance indicators to ensure investment returns exceed expenditures.
  3. Engagement Verification: Confirm influencer engagement rates to maintain high standards of campaign quality.
  4. Consistent Brand Messaging: Provide uniform guidelines across all markets for consistent branding.

Streamlining Influencer Marketing Campaign Management
with Precise Analytics

Lefty provided several solutions to address the challenges that Sephora Collection faced. The platform enabled centralized campaign management, allowing them to manage multiple campaigns across different social media networks from a single platform. This simplified coordination across various countries and automated campaign tracking and KPI reporting help to save time and improve workflow. 

The platform also facilitated immediate tracking of engagement, Earned Media Value (EMV), ROI, and other performance metrics to ensure that campaigns met their goals and that all influencer content was accounted for in real-time. 

Lefty's tools provided enhanced influencer insights, allowing them to assess influencer engagement rates effectively and insights into influencers' audience demographics, their percentage of genuine followers, and more. This effectively aided in the selection process and internal validations.

We are launching paid campaigns and seedings with a worldwide scope. That's why we use Lefty to follow these campaigns and cover all these markets.Eva Veran Digital Influence Project Manager, Sephora Collection

Sephora Collection’s Strategic Implementation of Lefty’s Features

Sephora Collection used Lefty in several key areas:

  • Campaign Launch and Monitoring: Global campaigns were executed in partnership with regional Sephora Collection teams. These initiatives monitored local influencers across regions like France and the U.S. Leveraging Lefty's automated campaign tracking, Sephora Collection efficiently monitored their international campaigns and KPIs, streamlining the management of their global influencer program.
  • PR Kit Distribution and Seeding Activations: The Sephora Collection team, utilized Lefty's campaign monitoring feature across various social media platforms, playing a pivotal role in evaluating the ROI of their activations through Lefty's platform. This feature was critical to the brand in assessing the performance of each region's influencer program.

Sephora Collection’s Growth on TikTok: 2021-2023

Achieving Increased Visibility and ROI with Lefty's
Advanced Analytics

The implementation of Lefty by Sephora Collection since 2019 has led to several notable achievements:

  • Streamlined Operations: The centralization of campaign management through Lefty enhanced global operations for Sephora Collection. By automating a significant portion of their global influencer marketing program, the Sephora Collection team efficiently tracked key KPIs to continually enhance their strategy.
  • Optimized ROI Monitoring: Sephora Collection leveraged real-time KPI tracking to uphold a positive investment return and optimizing their marketing spend across diverse campaigns. In 2023, their strategic collaborations with micro and macro influencers led to a remarkable 1013% increase in ROI, enhancing the brand's visibility through partnerships with micro and macro influencers.
  • Influencer Vetting: Lefty's influencer vetting process has been particularly valuable for Sephora. As a large company within LVMH, identifying the right influencers to collaborate with is crucial for the brand. Lefty's influencer vetting capabilities allow Sephora to target influencers based on relevant KPIs, ensuring they partner with individuals who can effectively reach their target audience and achieve campaign goals.
  • Increased Visibility: Sephora Collection leveraged its comprehensive understanding of the global influencer marketing landscape and KPIs to enhance its casting strategy and nurture influencer collaborations. This strategic approach resulted in a significant boost in visibility, particularly on TikTok. Impressively, between 2022 and 2023, the Sephora Collection saw a remarkable 491% surge in its social media impressions.

Sephora Collection's Global Marketing Success: Precise Tracking and Seamless Automation

Sephora Collection's partnership with Lefty exemplifies the effective tracking and automated reporting used in global marketing campaigns. By harnessing the power of an advanced influencer marketing platform, Sephora Collection has optimized its promotional activities and maintained stringent control over brand consistency and engagement quality worldwide. This case study demonstrates the potential for digital tools to transform global marketing strategies, providing scalable solutions that meet diverse market demands.

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