Software Engineer Data science

The job

We're looking for data science engineers, who process the enormous amount of data that we extract from social network feeds and extract insightful value. For instance:

  • Improve smart rankings of influencers based on their cloud reach and more.
  • Develop algorithms to infer key metrics of influencers, performance forecasting, etc...
  • Classify profiles, categorize main areas of interests.
  • Post/image classification.
  • Fake profile detection, fake followers identification.

The stack

You will be largely responsible to pick your own stack. Some tools we’ve use in the past:

  • Modern C++, Java, Python
  • Apache Spark JAVA
  • OpenCV, Caffe, libsvm.

The team

We believe small teams can achieve big things! We're politics free and we'll give you real ownership of what you work on. In addition Lefty is a tremendous environment to learn and perfect your skills: we do code reviews and mentoring, and you will get to work with many different technologies. We open source some of our stuff at

Burger Thursdays: the team gets together every thursday to eat the best burgers in the world. Veggie options available.

The administrative stuff

This position is available for full time employees as well as long term internships.

  • We expect to offer to 40-70k depending on profile.
  • Our offices are located in the very center in Paris.
  • Outstanding remote candidates will be considered as well.

We currently don't have the infrastructure in place to sponsor work visas (EU is fine).

Please send your resume along with anything relevant (github links etc) to, CC

Microsoft docs will be discarded :)

Contact us

If you are an influencer, you can sign-up here