The effortless platform to manage your influencer marketing programs

Lefty provides brands a platform to streamline their influencer marketing programs, from influencer discovery and ambassadors relationship management to performance assessment.

They trust Lefty to streamline their influencer relations

Powered by smart technology

Lefty simplifies all the steps of your influencer program so that you can focus on building long-term relationships with your brand ambassadors.


campaigns created on Lefty per month

80 000

campaign posts retrieved per month


EMV generated per month

Run your campaigns smoothly

Forget spreadsheets! Use our smart campaign manager to handle your influencers relationships through each step of the activation process.

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Measure your influencer program performance

Automatically retrieve your influencers publications, including stories. Measure the impact of your activations with a complete set of performance metrics.

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Know where you stand in the market

Assess the overall media value of your influencer program and compare it to your competitors. Identify their brand ambassadors and their activations.

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Discover and vet influencers

Identify influencers with demographics, interest or semantics criteria. Vet them using audience insights, engagement metrics and brand preference.

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