Influencer programs powered by technology

A cutting-edge technology to help you build, scale and optimize influencer programs.
Influencers have the voice to bring your market closer.
When making buying decisions, consumers rely on the opinions of their friends, family, and peers more than on branded messages.

Influencers are those who have earned their trust through content that resonates with their lives.

Brands reach a wider audience and earn higher ROIs through influencer marketing than through traditional forms of paid advertising.
92% trust peer recommendation when making a purchase, compared with 36% for social media ads
Influencer marketing content delivers 11X higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing
Nearly 55% of millennials use an ad blocker
Lefty is the most complete tool for your influencer strategy.
Lefty has created a unique methodology to help you build and optimize you influencer strategy.
Influencer platform
End-to-end platform to manage influencers relations. Find the most relevant influencers for your brand out of a database of 3 million profiles and activate them. Capture your influencers content in real time, including stories . Measure and evaluate the ROI of each campaign.
Competitive watch
Compare your EMV and share of voice with the competition. Discover their top ambassadors and their activations. Understand the market size, its dynamics and identify growth opportunities. Access to on-demand annual benchmarks and monthly reporting to monitor closely your efforts.
Recruitment program
Have Lefty recruit dozens of relevant influencers who are willing to collaborate with your brand.
A smart platform for winning influencer activations.
Lefty is a data-focused tool made to effectlively manage your influencers worldwide and measure your results.
Find relevant influencers among 3 million profiles worldwide with detailed statistics
Monitor influencers posts and stories in real-time
Measure your campaign impact and evaluate the ROI with an automatic reporting
A competitive benchmark to measure performance & drive strategy.
Lefty compiles for your brand and its competitors a monthly reporting highlighting the best actors and their strategies.
Define your custom benchmark (competitors, markets, timing)
Understand your brand performance in your market (EMV, share of voice, unique mention, post frequency)
Evaluate your competitors' strategy (top influencers and posts, activations highlight)
An influencer program tailored to your objectives.
Lefty recruits influencers relevant to your brand and your audience. We provide you with a list of influencers who are ready to engage with your brand.
Lefty identifies influencers worldwide matching your brief and criteria
Influencers receive your product and you get high visibility in a snap
Lefty collects all content and creates a dedicated reporting for your seeding campaign
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